4250 cryoscope, the EU Reference Method for Freezing Point Depression (FPD) to detect added water in milk.

Potentiometric Titrator

  • Automated pH titrations
  • Automated redox titrations
  • Automated ion titrations

The T900 automated potentiometric titrators feature a state-of-the-art reagent dispensing system making titrations easier, reliable, reproducible and fast. The T900 range expands the number of ions and compounds that can be measured beyond direct electrode analysis and offer dynamical process controls that adjust the titration to optimize analysis results.

The T900 titrators are paired with premium ROSS pH electrode, Orion redox and Orion ion selective electrode technology providing accurate, reproducible sample analysis. The large  touchscreen display enables fast, easy setup and operation and is lab glove compatible.

Customizable methods save electrode, titrant and sample titration settings so routine procedures can be repeated without additional setup.

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