SENTRY WWTP influent monitoring, identify system imbalance and toxic shock events, optimise WWTP performance and save energy


  • Effective control of anaerobic digesters
  • Real-time volatile (fatty) acids monitoring
  • Maintain a healthy microbial population

SENTRY is a process monitoring system with a bioelectric sensor that detects volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in anaerobic digesters. Factors such as poor mixing, inconsistent temperature and organic overloading can increase the concentration of VFAs within the reactor. SENTRY sensors mounted in the recirculation lines of digesters provide a minute-to-minute signal indicating the health of the microbial population degrading the waste. The SENTRY signal can be used to optimize biogas production while maximizing volatile solids destruction. By integrating the signal in your process control strategy, you can produce the most value from the digestion process.

The anaerobic digestion of complex organic matter has the potential to dramatically reduce fossil fuels use and to recycle nutrients for subsequent crop production. Control of anaerobic digestors has been one of the process limitations to more widespread use of this technology. SENTRY has solved the process monitoring problem. When used as part of an advanced control strategy, SENTRY provides a unique measurement of biological activity that can be used to control pumps and valves and can simplify the design of feedstock mixtures to maximize key performance indicators.

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