SENTRY wastewater monitoring optimisation and energy saving


  • Real-time WWTP influent monitoring
  • Optimise performance and save energy
  • Identify system imbalance and toxic shock events

SENTRY is a unique bio-electrode sensor measuring the rate of carbon consumption of the biology, providing clear knowledge of the characteristics of the wastewater being treated. It provides real-time data about the concentration of organic matter and detects changes in the influent that can adversely affect WWTP performance.

The minute-by-minute data from SENTRY enables wastewater stream engineers and operators to continually monitor the microbial stability of their treatment process or anaerobic digesters and can be used to improve and optimise system performance. SENTRY data shows the actual oxygen demand, allowing process adjustments that can reduce electrical consumption and chemical usage.

WWTP Influent Monitoring

WWTP – Influent Monitoring
SENTRY can detect changes in the influent characteristics that can lead to effluent violations and impaired water quality standards. SENTRY provides a real-time insight into the organic matter present and provides operators with an opportunity to make process changes to reduce electrical consumption and chemical costs.

WWTP Energy Optimization

WWTP – Energy Optimization
SENTRY provides a minute-by-minute signal that can be used to control aeration systems. Real-time data about the concentration of organic matter in the wastewater informs operators of the actual oxygen demand and detects changes to influent characteristics, allowing adjustment of aeration to minimize energy consumption.

Anaerobic Digestion Optimization

Anaerobic Digestion Optimization
SENTRY can be used to optimize biogas production while maximizing volatile solids destruction. SENTRY’s bioelectric sensor detects volatile (fatty) acids, providing a unique measurement of biological activity that can be used to control pumps and valves and simplify the design of feedstock mixtures.

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