Rudolph Research Analytical temperature controlled digital refractometers


  • Temperature controlled digital refractometers
  • Easy to clean sample surface
  • High durability sapphire prism

The Rudolph Research Analytical range of refractometer models have configurations for every demanding laboratory application for measuring refractive index and BRIX. Designed to meet the unique application requirements, environmental constraints and operator handling issues of specific industries.

All our refractometers feature easy to clean, shallow sample wells to facilitate accurate measurements and durable Sapphire prisms with long-life light sources to reduce instrument running costs.

Temperature Correction
The J47 refractometer corrects for errors caused by sample temperature variation using the latest ICUMSA temperature correction tables. Temperature correction is a very fast mathematical solution to obtaining measurement results without a temperature control system or a water bath. These measurement results are the most accurate when samples are comprised of predominantly sugar and water and measured near room temperature.

Standard and Ultra-Flat Sample Dishes
Refractometer performance depends on how well the instrument is cleaned between samples. The J47 has a very flat easy to clean measurement surface with no corners or crevices that tend to trap samples causing contamination. The flat low profile sample well with a sample volume of less than 1ml is easily cleaned by wiping with a paper towel. A single cleaning surface with scratch-proof sapphire prism makes the J Series refractometers popular with high throughput laboratories. The sample area is resistant to almost all solvents including Acetone, Toluene and similar organics. Hastelloy option are also available for acids like HFl and HCl.

Rudolph Research Analytical J47 food and beverage Refractometer standard sample dish

Standard prism and sample dish

Rudolph Research Analytical J47 food and beverage Refractometer ultra-flat sample dish

Ultra-flat prism and sample dish

J47 and J57


J257 and J357


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