Quant highly accurate at-line Instrument for a range of dairy products

Quant Analyser

  • Highly accurate at-line instrument for quality control of chocolate products
  • FT-NIR spectrometer ensuring highly stable results
  • Long term calibration stability
  • No reagents required 
  • Maintenance free

The Q-interline Quant at-line FT-NIR instrument can be used for analysis of a wide range of products both at-line, in a production environment and also within the laboratory.

Using a unique state-of-the-art FT-NIR spectrometer engine the system is configured with patented sample accessories to handle nearly all types of samples and materials. The system can also be connected to the automated intelligent analytics service AnalyticTrust. This monitors all aspects of an analysers performance, from hardware to calibration accuracy, and allows QA complete control of an analysers validation. Ideal for production optimisation and quality control, the Quant will ensure that you know what is really in your product.

Products – Cocoa oil, chocolate cream 

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The Vial Sampler provides easy handling of cocoa oil samples in disposable vials and features temperature control to eliminate unwanted effects.

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The plastic Cup Sampler allows easy, clean and fast sample preparations for chocolate cream. The cup spins continuously during analysis to minimise the effects from heterogeneity.


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