Quant highly accurate at-line Instrument for a range of dairy products

Quant Dairy Analyser

  • Highly accurate at-line Instrument for a range of dairy products
  • FT-NIR spectrometer ensuring highly stable results
  • Long term calibration stability
  • No reagents required 
  • Maintenance free

The Quant at-line instrument can be used for a wide range of dairy product analysis both at-line, in a production environment and also within the laboratory including;

Achieving quick stability after churn start up and cream silo changes can be assisted by the moisture and salt measurements from the Quant instrument.

Accurate and consistent analysis of cheese curd for fat, moisture, protein and salt.

A wide range of dairy powders can be analysed using the Quant analyser including milk, whey, standardised powders and added value products both in process and finished product measurements. Multiple channels can be added to the Quant to ensure compliance to specific customer specifications and traceability.

The Quant instrument is highly suitable for process testing and not just for use in a laboratory, with sample prep time to results in just minutes. No reagents, no mess, just results. The accuracy and stability of the instrument calibrations give us reliable results, needing only relatively few reference cross checks to ensure ongoing validation of the results accuracy.
A driving choice for the Quant for me, was the ability of it to measure salt in cheese curd with accuracy and consistency. We accurately measure salt (to 2 d.p.), fat, moisture and protein, it’s good to hand over to process operators for real time, line side sample measurement of our curd production.”
Martyn Allcorn FIFST, Technical Manager, Barbers Cheesemakers

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QuantGo, a revolutionary easy to use at-line dairy liquids analyser

QuantGo Dairy Analyser

  • A revolutionary easy to use at-line dairy liquids analyser
  • No cell wear, no pumping system and no calibration drift
  • No reagents
  • Low maintenance milk analyser

Designed for the toughest dairy liquids, the Quant Go is the perfect instrument for analysing liquids that aren’t suitable for pumping systems; instead a disposable sample holder is used.

The Quant Go instrument doesn’t require liquids for cleaning and because there is no flow system, (typically found in most dairy liquid analysers) calibrations remain stable and there is no routine maintenance requirement, saving you money and reducing down time. Standard parameters include fat, protein, lactose, solids and bespoke parameters can also be developed.

Suitable for use at all levels and available for at line analysis within both process and lab environments, the Quant Go uses the intuitive InfraQuant software which has been developed in conjunction with our customers to offer a reliable, easy to use platform and is LIMS compatible.

Products – Milks, Creams, High Solids/Viscous Dairy Liquids, Yoghurts, Desserts, Whey, WPC, Ice Cream Mixes, Beverages

Parameters – Fat, Protein, Lactose and Solids with bespoke calibrations tailored for your individual needs

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