Rudolph Research Analytical 21CFR Part 11 compliant polarimeters


  • 21CFR Part 11 compliant polarimeters
  • Multiple measurement modes
  • Temperature controlled polarimeters
  • Standard sample cells

Rudolph Research manufactures advanced polarimeters for chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and essential oils applications and university laboratories. From entry level to high end pharmaceutical models including 21CFR Part 11 compliant polarimeters specifically designed for the most demanding analytical laboratories.

For Racemic Solutions and very low concentration samples, the Autopol VI polarimeter provides unmatched 4th decimal optical rotation accuracy of ±0.0003°Arc over ±1°Arc. Instrument performance for readings between -1 and 1° Arc is ±0.0001 resolution, ±0.0002 reproducibility and ±0.0003 accuracy.

The USP <781> requires optical rotation measurements at 25°C ± .5°C (unless another temperature is specified). The European Pharmacopoeia requires optical rotation measurements made at 20° ± .5°C (unless another temperature is specified). Whatever the temperature control requirements, the Autopol VI and the Autopol V PLUS polarimeters exclusive TempTrol System makes measurements in a few minutes without a water bath or any type of water circulation. The TempTrol system allows push-button temperature control of the 100mm cell, 200mm cell or Quartz Plate. Just set the temperature and push measure. The Autopol will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide you with the result all in one easy step.

In April 2022 there was a change to the European Pharmacopeia regarding the measurement of essential oils such as Sweet Orange Oil. They now need to be measured in a 0.1 dm length cell instead of the standard 100mm polarimeter cell. Compliance with the new European Pharmacopeia requirements can be achieved with the purchase of a Rudolph 0.1dm/10mm length cell for use with Rudolph’s TempTrol® heating and cooling system.


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