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MT Series

  • Automated pipetting
  • Reliable and simple to operate
  • No cross contamination between samples
  • Automates 32-720 samples in a single batch

The MT series ranges from simple automated pH systems to multi parameter analysers. Each system is built up from modules to meet your requirements for sample volume, parameters and sample size.

Each system is fully automated with easy to use software and features dynamic intelligent rinsing that confirms probes are clean before moving onto the next sample to prevent cross contamination.

Parameters – pH, Chloride, Oxygen, Turbidity, Alkalinity, Fluoride, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, Nitrate, Electrical Conductivity, Colour, Salinity, Total Hardness, Acidity, Ammonia, Temperature, Permanganate Index, Soil pH & Conductivity

“MANTECH instruments used by ALS have proven to be robust analytical solutions, generating accurate and precise reults with a low per sample operating cost.”
Tim Kilmister, ALS Life Sciences

“The MANTECH PC-Titrates (MT100) are robust. With minimal maintenance, each system has been in continuous operation for 13 & 10 years each, analysing pH, conductivity, alkalinity and fluoride per sample”
Keith, Inorganics Supervisor, Saskatchewan Research Council

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