InSight Pro In-line Dairy Analyser for accurate in-line analysis

InSight Pro In-line Analyser

  • Accurate in-line analysis 
  • Operator and automated control
  • Fast start-up and process stability
  • Full CIP/SIP compliance
  • Full traceability

The InSight Pro is a modern future-ready in-line analyser solution. Based on the same robust FT-NIR platform in Quant at-line systems the InSight Pro technology is powerful and trusted.

Through advanced design the system offers a sophisticated solution configured with measuring points designed for the different dairy product types. One or two measuring points can be connected to one system.

With an InSight Pro installation you gain insight into your processes with real time data that can be used directly by operators or the control system. With greater understanding of your process the control strategy can be optimised for maximum yield and profit.

Products – Liquids, Powders, Butters and Spreads

Parameters – Fat, Protein, Dry Matter, Lactose, Moisture and Salt. 

Insight Pro Data
  • Less rework
  • Less waste
  • Less time consumption
Insight Pro Data
  • Less rework or waste
  • Optimal raw material utilization
  • Optimal resource utilization
Insight Pro Data
  • More value from the production
  • Avoid legislative fines and off-spec production
  • Avoid scrap and rework

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