CDR FoodLab Technical Support

Laboratories Are Wet Places
Electricity and water/milk/chemicals/people do not mix
Do not perform any service or maintenance yourself, except as detailed in the User’s Guide
Never restrict airflow into or out of the instrument
Regularly check the air vents for blockages

Before Working On The Instrument Call QCL For Advice If
Liquid or a foreign object has been spilled or fallen into the interior of the Instrument
There are noticeable signs of overheating or a smell of burning
The main supply fuse(s) or any other fuses or trips continually fail

Before Removing Any Covers
Switch off the power at the back of the instrument
Switch off the power at the wall outlet (or isolation point)
Remove power lead from back of instrument

CDR FoodLab


Free Fatty Acids (FFA) Test Procedure

Changing the Battery

Extracing oil from crisps

Extracting oil from nuts

Peroxide Value (Pv) Test Procedure


Sample Preparation SOP’s

Procedures – Oils and Fats

Procedures – Eggs

Procedures – Tomato

Procedures – Dairy

Material Safety Data Sheets