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J27 Hand Held Refractometer

  • Laboratory level accuracy wherever you measure
  • Temperature controlled 
  • Unmatched capability

The Rudolph J27 features Peltier temperature control at the prism surface, not present in most hand held refractometers. Mathematically correcting for temperature alone does not work well when the ambient temperature is changing. The temperature control system allows for improved accuracy to the 4th decimal place and greater stability with precise heating and cooling ensuring stable and accurate measurements at either 20° or 25°C. The J27 is ideal when working with samples that are very hot, very cold or are not sucrose, glucose or sugar based.

Regardless of an instrument’s specified accuracy, a refractometer’s real-world performance depends on how well the instrument is cleaned between samples. The J27 features an ultra flat, ultra hard, highly durable sapphire prism that can be cleaned with a paper towel, whilst the measurement surface has no corners or crevices to trap sample material.

The J27 has a brightly lit touch screen and a rechargeable lithium ion battery providing up to 8 hours of measurements.

Hand Held Portable Refractometer
Hand Held Portable Refractometer

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