CDR FoodLab - Rapid test for FFA, PV and AnV, test kit for oils and fats

CDR FoodLab

  • Rapid test for FFA, PV and AnV, test kit for oils and fats
  • Determine shelf life of baked goods and pet food
  • Rancidity test for fish and nut oils
  • No calibration or maintenance

The CDR FoodLab provides simple, accurate tests to check frying oil quality allowing manufacturers of snacks and fried foods to maximise the use of oil during production.

Parameters – Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV), p-Anisidine Value (AnV)

The CDR FoodLab analyser represents an improvement over other test methods for free fatty acid (FFA) in frying oil such as test strips or FFA determination by titration. It is ideal for measuring FFA and oxidation in cooking oils with test results correlating with the reference method. The CDR Foodlab also allows determination of the peroxide value of cooking oil indicating rancidity and can be used for real time quality control of edible oils and fats during every stage of production.

The CDR FoodLab can also be used to evaluate the oxidation of finished baked products and pet foods. It can also test rancidity in fish oils and oils extracted from nuts. Tests provide valuable information on rancidity of fats and oils extracted from finished products allowing manufacturers to develop production strategies to increase the shelf life of baked products.

Simple to use, the software guides the user step by step about how to test for FFA, PV and AnV. Pre-filled reagent vials simplify sample preparation and tests are completed in a few minutes, facilitating real time process adjustments and improving quality control.

CDR FoodLab

Free Fatty Acids Test

Peroxide Value Test

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