FoodLab Rapid Egg L-Lactic and Butyric acid tests

CDR FoodLab

  • Rapid L-lactic and butyric acid tests on eggs
  • Quality tests on tomato products
  • No calibration or maintenance

The FoodLab provides quick and easy measurement of multiple parameters in eggs such as butyric acid, an indicator of fertilised eggs, and lactic acid, an indicator of freshness.

The FoodLab can also test chopped and pureed tomatoes and tomato sauces for chlorides, total lactic acid, glucose and fructose.

Simple to use, the software guides the user step by step through the test methods and pre-filled reagent vials simplify sample preparation. Tests are completed in a few minutes, facilitating real time process adjustments and improving quality control.

Eggs: L-Lactic Acid, D-3-hydroxybutyric Acid, Total Acidity, Cholesterol, Colour, Xanthophylls
Tomato products: Chlorides, Total Lactic Acid (D+L), Reducing Sugars (Glucose and Fructose)

L-Lactic Acid Test on
Liquid Eggs 

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