CDR FoodLab rapid FFA and PV testing in cream, butter, oils and fats

CDR FoodLab

  • Rapid FFA and PV testing in cream, butter, oils and fats
  • Lactose and Lactose Free measurement in milk, cheese, yoghurt or powders
  • Validated alternative to reference methods or determination by titration methods
  • No Calibration or maintenance required

Knowing the PV (Peroxide Value) and FFA (Free Fatty Acid) levels in cream, butter and other dairy fats informs you about their freshness and also fat degradation, which relates to rancidity and shelf life. Traditionally PV and FFA testing would be carried out by an external laboratory meaning that by the time the results are returned it is too late to be able to make any informed decisions.

Having the CDR FoodLab in-house to quickly and accurately measure samples means that products can be tested as a raw material on receipt before it is processed, saving you time and money making valuable product with a rancid raw material, or allowing you to positively release and continuously monitor your production to reduce recalls or quality issues.

With the increasing demand for Lactose free products the CDR FoodLab can also test milk, cheese, yoghurt and milk powder for lactose levels over a range of 0.01-5.5%.

Parameters – Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide Value, Lactose, other parameters are available upon request.

Cheese Production
The main characteristic that a cheese microorganism must have is that of producing lactic acid to prepare the ground for the subsequent biochemical transformations that occur during cheese production. This activity, which is called “acidifying power”, always dominates the first stages of cheese making and has led to the use of lactic bacteria as inoculations to inhibit harmful microfloras and to aid a regular aging process of cheeses. In order to use some good starters, it is necessary to determine their acidifying activity, that is the capability of producing Lactic Acid starting from a cultivation substrate. Lactic Acid can be measured in 3 minutes on the CDR FoodLab analyser.

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