Fluorophos ALP Diagnostic Test – Substrate Test 1a

High readings indicate contaminated substrate. ALP has been introduced to the substrate and fluorescent product has been produced. The substrate is not suitable for testing and should be discarded.

1/ Mix a new batch of substrate following the instructions provided in the pack.

2/ Pipette 2ml of substrate into a cuvette and warm.

Note: If using a 2ml pipette care must be taken to use sterile pipette tips. If using the bottle top dispenser, thoroughly wash as described in the instruction manual before placing on the new substrate bottle.

Warning: Bare skin should never be allowed to make contact with pipette tips, the neck or inside of the substrate bottle, or any part of the dispenser which comes in contact with the substrate.

3/ With the instrument in A/D mode place the cuvette into the well.

If the result is greater than 600 and less than 1200 the substrate is within specification, click here to proceed to the Pipette test.

If the result is still greater than 1200 please contact QCL.

If the result is now less than 600 click here to proceed.