Fluorophos ALP Diagnostic Test – Pipette Test 2

1/ Check accuracy of the 2ml substrate pipette / dispenser by dispensing distilled water into a beaker on a laboratory balance. The weight should be 2g +/- 0.1g. These are fixed volume pipettes / dispensers so there is no adjustment available. If the volume dispensed is inaccurate please contact QCL.

If the accuracy of both pipettes is verified, the problem is likely to be either in pipetting technique, or in the sample mixing process.

The sample must be thoroughly mixed with the substrate. Incomplete mixing will result in unstable and unrepeatable results. QCL recommends the use of a vortex mixer.

For advice on pipetting and mixing technique see the Pipetting section.

If there is no improvement in the performance of your Fluorophos test after these tests have been performed please contact QCL.