4250 Cryoscope, the EU Reference Method for Freezing Point Depression (FPD) to detect added water in milk.


  • Industry standard method for extraneous water in milk
  • Approved reference method for Freezing Point Depression (FPD)
  • Proven reliability and robustness

FPD is used to determine extraneous water in milk and is a CCP for all milk processors. The Advanced Instruments 4250 Cryoscope conforms to ISO/FDIS-5764/IDF108 ensuring your dairy is fully compliant to current standards.

The Advanced Instruments 4250 is the market leading Cryoscope for measuring Freezing Point Depression in milk to ensure no contamination is present. The 4250 has been the industry standard Cryoscope in the UK for over 30 years because of its superiority to milk hydrometers and lactometers.

Using a very robust Peltier cooling system to ensure fast sample cooling, the Advanced Instruments 4250 Cryoscope is a real workhorse for the laboratory. This cooling assembly also means that even high sample numbers and warm lab temperatures do not cause problems with the effective freezing of samples meaning fewer freeze errors and repeated testing, keeping you working at all times.

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