ColiMinder, online measurement of microbiological contamination in fresh and saline water


  • Online measurement of microbiological contamination in fresh and saline water
  • Fast and fully automatic, 15 minutes time to result
  • 1000 measurements without reagent refill

ColiMinder® is the most sensitive instrument available on the market for measuring the microbial quality of water. A fully automated water quality measurement system it provides continuous monitoring of microbiological contamination regardless of the type of microbes present as well as algae, mould, yeast or biofilms. Used in applications throughout the entire water cycle it is able to measure microbiological contamination of water samples within 15 minutes making it available as a parameter for process control.

ColiMinder® measures the microbial contamination through the specific enzymatic activity of the respective target organism. The system achieves microbiological analysis of water without producing contaminated or hazardous waste and features fully automated sampling, measurement, cleaning and calibration. Low energy and emergency response versions are also available.

Parameters – E. coli, Enterococci and Total Activity

Drinking Water Monitoring

Bottled Water Monitoring

Surface Water Monitoring

Emergency Response Unit – Mobile

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