CDR CiderLab

  • Quality control for cidermakers 
  • Rapid, accurate results
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • Calibration and maintenance free

The CiderLab is designed to monitor the cidermaking process in real time, managing the treatment of cider and apple juice and improving quality control.

This fast, simple and reliable analyser measures multiple parameters in cider and apple juice.

The multitasking mode can be used to determine the complete analytical profile of a cider sample in just 10 minutes.

Parameters – Acetic Acid, L-malic Acid, Free Sulphur Dioxide, Total Sulphur Dioxide, L-lactic Acid, Fermentable Sugars, pH, Total Acidity, Alcohol Content, Organic Nitrogen, Inorganic Nitrogen, Glycerol, Glucose & Fructose and Total Polyphenol Index (TPI)

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