CDR WineLab wine analyser for winemakers

CDR GalvanLab

  • Quality control for electroplating baths
  • Rapid, accurate results 
  • Use directly on the production line

The CDR GalvanLab makes it possible to check different chemical parameters of galvanic baths through simple and quick procedures directly on the production line. Quality control of electroplating baths can be monitored in real-time during the electroplating process to prevent aesthetic and functional defects in finished products and reduce production costs.

The testing procedure is simple. Reagents are pre-filled and ready to use, no calibration is required and analyses are performed on a few microlitres of the sample.

Electroplating Baths – Iron and Palladium in Pd-Fe baths, Nickel and Palladium in Pd-Ni baths, Free Cyanides and Potash in Bronze baths
Pollutants – Copper in Ruthenium baths, Chlorides in acid Copper baths
Precious Metal Recovery – Palladium in Pd-Fe and Pd-Ni rinse water
Process Water – Calcium, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Sulfates, Chlorides, Magnesium, Potassium, Saccharin

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