Parmovo – Quality Control in Egg Products

Parmovo is a large company that processes up to 5 million eggs per day to produce pasteurised liquid egg products and powdered egg products. The powdered products are mainly destined for markets outside Europe, such as Asia and Oceania.

The products analysed include whole eggs (egg mix), yolk, and egg white. These are very delicate products that can contaminate quickly, requiring daily checks of lactic acid levels. 90%-95% of the shell eggs processed come from a supply chain of farms directly controlled for both feed and veterinary care. The remaining eggs are purchased from qualified suppliers (both Italian and European) and are always tested before use

Lactic Acid
The legal threshold for lactic acid in egg products is very high, 1,000 ppm, compared to the food industry’s needs, with many clients demanding much lower limits depending on the type of products (fresh pasta, creams, mayonnaise or baked goods cooked at high temperatures). The company uses the CDR FoodLab® for lactic acid testing.

The results obtained during Parmovo’s tests generally range from 100 to 250 ppm. If the value exceeds 500 ppm, the product is downgraded. All products are also tested for 3-hydroxybutyric acid using the CDR FoodLab®.

“Along with colour and type of farming, lactic acid is the criterion around which all production revolves.”
Parmovo Quality Manager

CDR FoodLab
The product needs to be analysed immediately after pasteurisation when it is in liquid form and stored in very large tanks. It is not possible to have the analysis done by an external laboratory because the product must be released to clients within 24 hours of production.
Before purchasing the CDR FoodLab®, Parmovo used enzymatic kits that required 4 hours to prepare samples. They had to wait half a day for the results and the testing process was very laborious.

The short analysis time using the CDR FoodLab®, only 10 minutes, ensures the rapid release of the product. This is vital for a product with a shelf life of only 15 days and for clients who require very short delivery times. The large volume of product stored in the tanks ensures that the cost of analysis does not significantly impact the cost of the product.

Parmovo’s clients are mainly food producers who use the product as an ingredient or suppliers in the catering industry. Some of them also use the CDR FoodLab® to analyse the egg-based product before use. Along with the product, a certificate of analysis is provided to ensure traceability in case of client complaints.


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