The compact PC-operated optical multi-channel oxygen reader FirePlate-O2 allows dissolved oxygen (DO) and O2 simultaneous
measurements in up to 96 channels. This 96-channel oxygen reader for oxygen sensor microplates is ideal for efficient screening, scale-up/-down, process engineering, small-scale cell cultivation and respiration rate measurements, determination of enzyme activities, environmental analyses.
Supporting 96-well microplates with integrated oxygen sensors, it provides an efficient solution for your research needs with dedicated measurement software for easy calibration and customization. It is compatible with sterile flat-bottom and round-bottom 96-well microplates with oxygen sensor minispots immobilized in the center of the bottom of the wells, which are read-out contactless via the transparent bottom of the wells.
Alternatively oxygen nanoprobes can be dispersed in medium and added to 96-wells microplates for real-time oxygen turnover rates measurements with contactless read-out. Simply place the microplate on the FirePlate-O2 reader, calibrate the oxygen minispots (in air) or nanoprobes (batch calibration in medium) and start temperature-compensated oxygen measurements in third-party incubators or on a shaker after fixation with the included adapter.

  • Compact multi-channel O2 meter
  • For 96-well O2 sensor microplates
  • Incubator and shaker compatible (adapter)
  • Logger software for easy operation