Cleaning Requirements for Cryoscope Tubes

1/ It is imperative that the glass tubes for the Cryoscope tests are clean prior to commencing any analyses.

2/ Any milk or salt deposits from previous testing can have a consequential effect on your test results. This is of particular importance when using the tubes for standard checks or calibration purposes. The slightest residue on the inside of the tubes can have a negative impact on your results.

(Note: ensuring that the sample probe is also wiped clean between tests is as critically important as clean tubes).

3. To ensure the tubes are cleaned effectively we recommend the use of any non-ionic surfactants (e.g. washing up liquid) combined with a means of mechanically scrubbing the tube interior surfaces (small bottle brushes are ideal).

5. It may be necessary to soak the tubes in the detergent/water solution for a few minutes prior to scrubbing the interior with the brush.

6. Always ensure after scrubbing that the tubes have been rinsed effectively to remove any traces of detergent.

7. The tubes then need to be completely dry before testing commences. Any moisture remaining in the tubes will influence your results.

8. Before testing a sample we recommend rinsing out a each tube with a few millilitres of the standard or milk about to be analysed. Swirl it around inside the tube and then dispose of in a sink. Then fill the correct 2.5ml volume into the same tube and commence testing.

9. We would also recommend keeping a separate box of Cryoscope tubes that are used solely for standard testing and calibration purposes. Although the tubes will still require cleaning and drying, there is minimal risk that any milk solids or deposits will contaminate the tubes.