Fragrance Perfection

CPL Aromas is the largest fragrance-only fragrance house in the world. Founded in 1971 the company is home to some of the world’s leading perfumers and trusted by top brands to translate their creative vision into beautiful scents. As perfectionists CPL Aromas constantly innovate to bring new ideas to the fore.

The company purchased the Rudolph Research Analytical AutoFlex from QCL to measure aroma compounds at their Brixworth facility. The requirement was for greater reliability than their existing system and the ability to review results remotely and use QR code sample identification.

Unattended Self-Validated Auto Sampler
The AutoFlex is a flexible automated laboratory sample handling system for high throughput labs that measures density, specific gravity, optical and specific rotation, refractive index, Brix, urea, pH and colour. The advanced features of the system include:

  • User interface allows interruption of a measurement routine with an urgent sample
  • Rinses the entire system with a choice of 3 solvents between each sample
  • Eliminates cross contamination by washing both inside and outside areas of the needle between each sample
  • Flexible sample vials
  • Heated and non-heated racks

Following a successful installation a second system was soon ordered for the Brixworth site to further improve the efficiency and flexibility of sample processing. CPL Aromas plans to roll out the AutoFlex to other labs around the world.

“We purchased the Rudolph AutoFlex with Density, Refractive Index and Colour from QCL and have been extremely happy with the system. It is accurate, reliable, easy to use and the service from QCL has been excellent.”
Ann Booth, Group QC Manager, CPL Aromas



AutoFlex installed at CPL Aromas in Brixworth