PyroScience Oxygen, pH and Temperature Meters

The FireSting is a PC-operated multi-channel meter for pH, oxygen and optical temperature sensors. Ultra-compact and easy-to-use it is available in 1, 2 or 4 channel configurations and includes automatic temperature, pressure and drift compensation.

The range of sensors includes microsensors, robust probes and contactless sensors enabling oxygen measurements in samples with varying temperatures and in the lower trace oxygen range (0-10%).

The FireSting system is based on the unique REDFLASH sensor materials which are excitable with red light and show an analyte-dependent luminescence in the near infrared (NIR). This technology provides high precision, high reliability, low power consumption, low cross-sensitivity and fast response times whilst significantly reducing interference caused by autofluorescent samples and ambient light.

FireSting Contactless Sensors
FireSting Probe


Oil Sample