Cotteswold Dairy – Milk and Cream Analysis

In 1938 Cotteswold Dairy’s founder Harry Workman purchased a 30 gallon per day milk round, a Morris 8 van, milk churns and bottles and started door-to-door delivery using a bucket and ladle to deliver the milk.

Harry built the business on core values of Quality, Service and Cleanliness and it was these values that established the reputation of the business and enabled it to grow. Today, Cotteswold Dairy is one of the largest Independent Family Dairies in the UK, supplying England and Wales and processing more than 80 million litres of milk each year.

With increasing milk volumes, the requirement for accurate, robust compositional analysis has become ever more important and in 2020 the technical team asked QCL for a solution to improve the compositional analysis of over 200 samples a day across a range of raw milk, pasteurised milks and creams.

QCL recommended the LactoScope FTA. Combining a dual pump system with a highly stable FTIR spectrometer, the LactoScope offers fast analysis, long term stability and minimal downtime due to cleaning or breakdowns and a trial commenced in November 2020.

The LactoScope was installed and calibrated by one of QCL’s dedicated team and we could demonstrate the improved stability and faster analysis time straight away. A decision to purchase was made soon after.

QCL’s technical expertise, service and calibration support was highly valued by the technical team during the trial and is a core part of QCL’s long term commitment to our customers. On-site training and remote support enable the team to have full ownership of the LactoScope, ensuring they get the very best from their instrument.

“We are very happy to have purchased the LactoScope, it is much faster than the previous machine and results are more repeatable, meaning fewer retests during processing and more confidence for production. QCL’s excellent support has been very valuable while moving to the new machine.”
Beccy Christmas, Technical Manager


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