Cryoscope Calibration Update

In May 2021 NML and Dairy UK released new guidance on the FPD limit for acceptable milk which may raise questions about the calibration and calibration verification of Cryoscopes. From 6th May 2021, GB milk is considered acceptable if it records an FPD of 505 m°C or above*

This new guidance does not affect the calibration or calibration verification of Cryoscope Instruments.

The Cryoscope is calibrated with a 2 point calibration at 600m°C and 408m°C and the 512 m°C verification sample is to check the linearity of the instrument. This check sample therefore does not need to be the same as the FPD limit which was also the case with the previous value of 509m°C.

*From Dairy UK/NML document May 2021t


Advanced Instruments 4250 Cryoscope