The BacTrac rapid microbiology system automatically detects or enumerates a wide range of micro-organisms.

BacTrac 4300

  • Rapid, automated microbiology for milk and dairy products
  • No manual plate handling
  • Expandable up to 768 samples

The BacTrac 4300 automatically detects or enumerates a wide range of micro-organisms in milk and dairy products. It holds up to 64 samples in two independently controllable incubator zones. The measurement technique can provide superior sensitivity to microbial metabolites and allow measurements in highly selective media.

Impedance analysis is an automated microbial culture process. The nutrient media and the liquefied product sample are incubated in a measuring cell and the impedance change of the fluid (the alternating current resistance) is monitored using pin electrodes.

Metabolic products that are created when the micro-organisms inside grow constantly changing the resistance, thereby creating an equivalent microbial growth curve. If this exceeds an application dependant threshold value the measuring time recorded until then is set as the detection time and provides information on contamination of the sample. Measurement positions with finished measurements are assessed and can be immediately reassigned with new cells. The entire measuring cycle is automatic; the results are clearly displayed and can be used for decision making. The software monitors the signal development for all measurements and saves the results in a database for evaluation.

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