Rudolph Research AutoFlex R837 flexible automated laboratory sample handling system for high throughput labs.


  • Unattended self-validated auto sampler system
  • Flexible sample vials
  • Heated and non-heated racks

The AutoFlex is a flexible automated laboratory sample handling system for high throughput labs. The user interface allows you to interrupt a measurement routine with an urgent sample.

The R837 rinses the entire system with your choice of 3 solvents between each sample. Unlike most automation systems the self-cleaning needle eliminates cross contamination by washing both inside and outside areas of the needle between each sample.

For heated applications there are 2 configurations available 40/10 (40 heated and 10 nonheated ) and 20/30 (20 heated and 30 non-heated). It is necessary to have non-heated availability for some control samples and the AutoFlex R837 is the only auto sampler in the world that can fulfill that need. The system is configured not to use the heated tubes and interface when loading a non-heated sample and also to heat up the tubes and heated interface prior to loading a heated sample. The AutoFlex R837 can manage situations where each sample may require a different sample load mode and/or parameters, measurement parameters, measurement criteria, temperature, cleaning parameters with solvent type, amount of solvent or drying time.

Parameters – Density, Specific Gravity, Optical Rotation, Specific Rotation, Refractive Index, Brix, Urea, pH, Colour (reflectance and transmittance)

“We purchased the Rudolph AutoFlex with Density, Refractive Index and Colour from QCL and have been extremely happy with the system. It is accurate, reliable, easy to use and the service from QCL has been excellent.”
Ann Booth, Group QC Manager, CPL Aromas

AutoFlex Flexible Automated Sample Handling System

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