LactoScope Milk Analyser Reliable, robust milk, cream and dairy liquids composition analysis

LactoScope Milk Analyser

  • Reliable, robust milk, cream and dairy liquids composition analysis
  • Multiple parameters available
  • Capable of pumping highly viscous products
  • Intuitive, easy to use software

The LactoScope dairy liquids composition analyser uses a proven, high powered pumping system to allow reliable and repeatable measurement of products from skimmed milk to extra thick double cream without blocking or breaking down.

Powered by the highly robust Perkin Elmer SP2 spectrometer to achieve reliable, stable analysis, a wide range of products can be analysed using the instrument from skim to 55% cream, whey concentrates, ice cream and yogurt bases. The Standard parameters incorporated within the instrument include fat, protein, lactose, casein and FPD, others are also available.

The LactoScope instrument offers intuitive, easy to use software making calibration updates very simple with automatic outlier detection and advanced configuration options making the instrument easily tailored to your specific requirements.

Choosing a LactoScope for your product testing means you also benefit from QCL’s training, calibration and support package ensuring you get the most out of your machine.

Products – Raw Milk, Pasteurised Milk, Standardised Milk, Whey Concentrates, Cream to 55% Fat, Ice Cream and Yogurt Bases

Parameters – Fat, Protein, Lactose, Casein, Solids and FPD

For an alternative milk analyser please see the QuantGo

“The Lactoscope FTA milk analyser is a well-built instrument, with low ongoing cost of ownership, needing only small quantities of generic chemicals to operate, no costly bespoke solutions and no need for standardisation as this is not a requirement of the Lactoscope FTA. Calibrations appear to remain stable over long intervals, and using DRRR calibration samples, calibration verification is very easy, so not requiring a calibration expert to use it.
The instruments we have found reliable and robust, and now every day, they are just there doing their job. For process control immediately off-line by process operators, and for more reference and specialist measurement in our Chemistry Laboratory. Based on our excellent experience, I’d have no hesitation in recommending this instrument from Perkin Elmer for the measurement of dairy liquid compositions.”
Martyn Allcorn FIFST, Technical Manager, Barbers Cheesemakers

“We are very happy to have purchased the LactoScope instrument, it is much faster than the previous machine and results are more repeatable, meaning fewer retests during processing and more confidence for production. QCL’s excellent support has been very valuable while moving to the new machine.”
Beccy Christmas, Technical Manager, Cotteswold Dairy 

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QuantGo, a revolutionary easy to use at-line dairy liquids analyser

QuantGo Dairy Analyser

  • A revolutionary easy to use at-line dairy liquids analyser
  • No cell wear, no pumping system and no calibration drift
  • No reagents
  • Low maintenance milk analyser

Designed for the toughest dairy liquids, the Quant Go is the perfect instrument for analysing liquids that aren’t suitable for pumping systems; instead a disposable sample holder is used. The Quant Go instrument doesn’t require liquids for cleaning and because there is no flow system, (typically found in most dairy liquid analysers) calibrations remain stable and there is no routine maintenance requirement, saving you money and reducing down time. Standard parameters include fat, protein, lactose, solids and bespoke parameters can also be developed.

Suitable for use at all levels and available for at line analysis within both process and lab environments, the Quant Go uses the intuitive InfraQuant software which has been developed in conjunction with our customers to offer a reliable, easy to use platform and is LIMS compatible.

Products – Milks, Creams, High Solids/Viscous Dairy Liquids, Yoghurts, Desserts, Whey, WPC, Ice Cream Mixes, Beverages

Parameters – Fat, Protein, Lactose and Solids with bespoke calibrations tailored for your individual needs

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