The ASIA system increases the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants by reducing energy consumption and operating costs.


  • Optimise performance of biological WWTPs
  • Significantly reduce energy consumption
  • Reduce carbon emissions towards Net Zero

The Advanced System of Intermittent Aeration (ASIA) is new technology that can increase the energy efficiency of biological wastewater treatment plants by reducing energy consumption and operating costs, while at the same time increasing the quality of purified water. ASIA can be added to existing WWTPs providing the benefits without costly plant upgrades or adaptions.

ASIA can be utilised to achieve significant reductions in power consumption needed to produce the energy savings required for UK water Net Zero initiatives. ASIA can result in significant saving on energy consumption by optimising the use of WWTP aeration blowers and mixers. In combination with energy savings ASIA also optimises the biological process by monitoring the status of the sludge and acting accordingly to ensure the plant operates at peak performance.

“The application of ASIA to biological purifiers can reduce energy consumption significantly, while improving the overall performance of the plant by increasing the abatement of COD and nitrogen.”
Case Study, CAFC Spa (Water Utility in Udine, Italy)

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