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Alivion Spark M-20

  • Mobile methanol control
  • Results in < 2 minutes
  • Maximum traceability

The Alivion Spark M-20 is a pocket sized laboratory for the rapid determination of the methanol content in liquids containing alcohol. It provides a simple alternative to GCMS for methanol measurement and allows immediate on site quality control. 

Automatic temperature correction facilitates measurement in varied environments and the unit stores 1,000 exportable results. Calibration is easy and results are available in less than 2 minutes.

Methanol – An Underestimated Danger
In the EU, the USA and other countries, strict guidelines exist for methanol in beverages, hand sanitizers or the air, even small amounts of methanol can be deadly for humans.
Until now, laboratory analyses for the detection of contaminants are expensive, time-consuming and require specialised workers.

Distilleries – On-site mobile methanol measurement for compliance with legal limits in alcoholic beverages.
NGOs – Early detection of contaminated alcoholic beverages and hand sanitizers in third world countries.
Chemical Industry – Methanol measurement in liquids. Air quality control, e.g. in laboratories. Diagnosis of poisoning.
Customs and Police – Verification of the legally permitted methanol concentration. Methanol testing at the import of liquids to detect counterfeiting / adulteration.
Healthcare – We are working on the development of diagnostic products to fight diseases more effectively.
Laboratories and Universities – Measurement of methanol content to check food quality. Detection of contaminated liquids.

“We are proud to be the first distillery to use the Spark M-20. For us, safety and quality have been the highest priority since 1846.”
Peter Anderhub, Production Manager, S. Fassbind AG

“The illegal manufacturing and distribution of contaminated alcoholic beverages can lead to injury or loss of life. This is largely preventable through proper enforcement, consumer education and medical training. Until now however there was no practicable way to rapidly and affordably test the methanol content. The Spark M-20 is the first device to make this possible.”
Greg Dolan, CEO, Methanol Institute

The future of chemical analyses in the food industry are mobile and handheld devices with advanced capabilities (selectivity, sensitivity, specificity) compatible with benchtop instruments. These will enable producers and authorities to perform checks on-site and at the point-of-care to identify contamination immediately.”
Agapios Agapiou, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus

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