The AlcoTest supplies an accurate % ABV alcohol measurement in 3 minutes without the need for distillation.


  • Accurate ABV measurement
  • Results in 3 minutes
  • No distillation required

The Rudolph Research Analytical AlcoTest is a highly versatile % ABV analyser for determination of alcohol content superior to ABV test strips and hydrometers, allowing distillers to maintain product consistency. The analyser provides a quick test for alcohol content supplying an accurate measurement in 3 minutes without the need for distillation. It combines a reference density meter and refractometer ensures highly accurate results, long term stability, reliability and low service costs.

The AlcoTest offers quick and accurate ABV measurements that are easy to perform due to the simple direct syringe injection port. Just degas the sample, inject and press measure. The sample is automatically pumped through the instrument ensuring repeatable results every time with a very low cost of ownership.

The AlcoTest alcohol analyser also allows you to measure key flavour quality indicators such as density, refractive index and Brix in a range of drinks from Ready to Drink Cocktails, to flavoured gins and liqueurs, whisky and vodka.

Parameters – Alcohol by volume, Original gravity, Present gravity, Brix

“The AlcoTest alcohol analyser is very easy to use and produces accurate results for us. It takes a fraction of the time for a result compared with our previous steam distillation method so we can spend more time on production“
Alice Pearson, Lead NPD Distiller, Cotswolds Distillery

We bought the AlcoTest because we need a reliable and accurate instrument to test our whole range of spirits and liqueurs without time consuming distillations. Since ramping up production we have found the AlcoTest to be very accurate and easy to use and we are very happy with the performance.”
Ellers Farm Distillery

Blackdirt Distillery

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