Dual Wavelengths
589 nm is selected for conventional analysis using chemicals or lead clarifiers, 880 nm is for polarimetric sugar measurements in the near infrared (NIR). 880 nm is above the absorption level of most dark sugar factory solutions allowing measurement of filtered but non-lead clarified juices. The dark sample measurement bar gets darker in proportion to the darkness of the sample being measured. When the bar is completely dark the instrument has reached its measurement limit.

Patented TempTrol Technology Eliminates the Need for a Water Bath
The 880T saccharimeter features the TempTrol system allowing push-button temperature control of your TempTrol 100mm cell, 200mm cell or quartz control plate. Set the temperature and push measure. The 880T will heat or cool to a predefined temperature and then provide the result. The TempTrol system will accurately control your sample temperature to within ±0.2°C. This is particularly important for laboratory work when measuring pharmaceutical grade sugars.

Dilution and Cell Length Correction
Whether sugar analysis requires a 25mm, 50mm, 100mm or 200mm cell, or a 1/2 normal (13g/100ml), 1/4 normal (6.5g/100ml) or full weight sugar solution is used, the Autopol 589, 880, 880T, and 880 PLUS saccharimeters provide the correct multiplier to display the reading as if the sample were prepared as a 1 normal solution in a 200mm optical path length cell.

Automatic Calibration
Calibrating the saccharimeter is quick and simple. Place a quartz control plate calibration standard on the optical rails and enter the quartz plate value in the appropriate window. Enter the temperature to correct the measurement to either the ICUMSA standard temperature of 20°C or the Tropical reference temperature of 27.5°C, press 2 buttons and calibration is complete.

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