• Silco steel coating on the polarimeter chamber temperature transfer surface and a Hastelloy measurement cell with NIST certified optical path length provides 6m HCl acid resistance
  • Windows based navigation is architecture supplemented by a reference the manual stored right on the internal memory
  • Ethernet Port for network cable connection
  • Connect to any Windows based printer via USB or direct to the server
  • Save measurement data direct to your network, server or USB drive

Full 21CFR Part 11 Instrument Level Compliance
The Autopol VI’s 21CFR Part 11 software module is easily enabled through the user friendly touch screen. This module gives you full compliance with:

  • Electronic signature
  • Access levels
  • Internal write protected storage
  • Unique passwords
  • Write protected documents sent directly to server
  • Audit trail

Acid Resistance
The Autopol VI polarimeter is available with the Hastelloy upgrade that features a Hastelloy cell and Silco steel cell chamber for increased resistance to acids like 6 Molar HCl.

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