Dilution and Cell Length Correction
Whether sugar analysis requires a 25mm, 50mm, 100mm or 200mm cell, or a 1/2 normal (13g/100ml), 1/4 normal (6.5g/100ml) or full weight sugar solution is used, the Autopol 589 provides the correct multiplier to display the reading as if the sample were prepared as a 1 normal solution in a 200mm optical path length cell.

Automatic Calibration
Calibrating the saccharimeter is quick and simple. Place a quartz control plate calibration standard on the optical rails and enter the quartz plate value in the appropriate window. Enter the temperature to correct the measurement to either the ICUMSA standard temperature of 20°C or the Tropical reference temperature of 27.5°C, press 2 buttons and calibration is complete.

Automatic Temperature Correction
The temperature probe in the measurement compartment can be inserted into all 14 style, 40T style, 41T style and 33 style measurement cells. For 0.01°Z accuracy sugar testing and payment for applications where lead or other suitable clarifiers are still the norm. The Autopol 589 model works at 589 nm and is not compliant with ICUMSA testing at 880 nm.

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