The high quality polarizing prisms are two of the most critical optical components in the polarimeter. The Autopol I uses the same high quality Glan Thompson Calcite polarizers with excellent light transmission characteristics used in our high accuracy models.

These polarizers are superior to the Polaroid Plastic Dichroic Sheet polarizers used by other manufacturers in this price range which are constructed from polymeric plastic where the molecules are stretched and oriented in a specific direction so as to linearly polarize light, these polarizers are vulnerable to heat, warping and deterioration from moisture. They also have greater light absorption than Calcite Polarizers.

Plastic polarizers often need replacing after just 3 to 5 years. The Glan Thompson Calcite polarizers have a carbon crystalline structure similar to diamond and are guaranteed over the life of the polarimeter.

The Autopol I features a temperature probe enabling sample temperature can be displayed and printed. The Autopol I operates at a single wavelength of 589nm, often referred to as the Sodium D-Line. A 100mm or 200mm glass sample cell is included and a full range of optional Polarimeter accessories are also available.

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