Dual Electronic Temperature Control System
The J157 is able to control temperature from 10°C- 50°C with a stability of ±0.01°C due to a unique dual temperature control system where heat is applied to both sides of the sample. The concave sample cover is controlled to the same temperature as the prism. When lowered an insulating ring creates a temperature controlled micro environment that provides unrivalled temperature stability, fast measurement time and minimal evaporation.

Contact Presser Option
The temperature controlled sample presser touches the sample, reducing the empty volume of the measurement area compared with the standard temperature controlled cover. This decreases evaporation and helps to evenly spread semi solid materials over the measurement prism, offering improved performance on many samples such as PET and Glycerine.

Easy to Clean Measurement Surface
The J series refractometers have a very flat easy to clean measurement surface with no corners or crevices prevents contamination from trapped sample residue. It is resistant to almost all solvents including Acetone, Toluene and similar organics and a Hastelloy option is available for use with for acids like HF and HCl.

High Durability Sapphire Prism
J series refractometers feature a single sapphire prism. These are harder than the glass or YAG (Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet) prisms used by some manufacturers and have a faster temperature transfer coefficient. The dual glass prisms used on Abbe refractometers are more prone to scratching and need regular replacement in high throughput applications.

Display Choices
Different display options ensure the information required for monitoring a process is easily accessible. The live reading and trend analysis feature allows out of specification conditions to be easily identified in tightly controlled manufacturing environments and displays the process history to determine where the problem occurred.

The J157AB model features the temperature control and WU measurement facilities required for testing in the petroleum industry. It is designed specifically for measurement of urea (WU) in diesel engine fuel additives in accordance with DIN 70071 and ISO 22241-2. It features enhanced temperature performance to better than 0.02°C, meeting the requirements of DIN 70071 and ISO 22241-2 to ultimately deliver more accurate and consistent WU Number measurements. The J157AB has the WU calculations built-in automatically calculating results.

Biotechnology and Bioengineering
The J157-633 model is able to measure materials for the Optical Wave-guide Light mode Spectroscopy (OWLS) system and is capable of measuring the effective refractive index of a thin layer above an Si(Ti)O2 wave-guide surface. The J157-633 has the same features as the standard J157 refractometer but operates at 633nm instead of 589nm.

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