VideoView provides a live on-screen video featuring superior high resolution visual bubble detection within your samples. The high resolution and 10X magnification aids in identifying if small bubbles are present in the sample, providing a more efficient system than detecting by eye.

Flexible Method Management
Includes factory installed density meter measurement methods allowing immediate selection of the correct method to match most common applications. Creating a sample method for unique density meter measurement applications is simple using concentration tables, formulas and polynomials to match the density measurement methods used in your laboratory. Custom methods are set up on the density meter using a few simple screens.

21CFR Part 11 Instrument Level Compliance
Features a 21CFR Part 11 software module, easily enabled through the user friendly touch screen. This module gives you full compliance with:

  • Electronic signature
  • Access levels Internal write protected storage
  • Unique passwords
  • Write protected documents sent directly to server

Oscillating U-Tube with Viscosity Correction and Reference Oscillator
The DDM 2910 has an oscillating U-tube with full range viscosity correction and reference oscillator. This allows long term calibration stability as well as measurement at all temperatures with a single calibration.

AutoFlex R837 AutoSampler
The R837 automated sample handling system provides total flexibility for high throughput labs measuring density, specific gravity, refractive index, colour and pH.

  • Automatic results export
  • Flexible rack configurations including heated and unheated samples on the same carousel
  • Flexible method selection including suction, pressure, variable rinse and drying time
  • Multiple methods available on the same carousel
  • Full inside and outside needle cleaning eliminates sample cross contamination Urgent sample capability,
  • Interrupt a sample routine to make a single sample measurement
  • Automatic pump speed adjustment ranging from thin to high viscosity samples
  • Heated rack option for heavy crudes and waxes
  • Low solvent level sensor

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AutoFlex R837