• Excellent sampling solutions
  • One system can analyse multiple sample types
  • Interferometer technology based on ABB Bomem platform
  • Maintenance free solid state laser
  • Quartz Halogen electronically stabilised source with 10 year average lifetime
  • ZnSe beamsplitter with lifetime optics warranty against moisture degradation
  • Temperature stabilisation
  • Rugged and robust design

The sample is analysed by transmission measurements in inexpensive vials on the QIA1075 – Universal Vial Sampler. The Universal Vial Sampler has space for 5mm, 8mm and 12mm vials outer diameter. The vial with the sample is placed in the heated vial holder before analysis. This ensures that the sample is analysed at the right temperature, representative sampling and that effects from temperature fluctuations are reduced. After analysis the vials are disposed of.