pH Mode  
Range -2.000 to 20.000
Resolution 0.1, 0.01, 0.001
Relative Accuracy ±0.002
Calibration Points up to 6
ISE Mode  
Range 0 to 19999 in ppm, M, mg/L, %, ppb or unitless
Resolution up to 4 significant digits
Relative Accuracy ±0.2 mV or ±0.5% of reading, whichever is greater
Calibration Points up to 6; Calibration point editing, timed end point, linear point to point, non-linear selectable auto-blank, low concentration range stability, adjustable ISO point
mV Mode  
Range ±2000.0
Resolution 0.1
Relative Accuracy ±0.2 mV or ±0.05% of reading whichever is greater
Calibration Points 1
Temperature Mode  
Range -5 to 105
Resolution 0.1
Relative Accuracy ±0.1
DO Mode  
Concentration Range

Polarographic: 0 to 90mg/L, 0 to 600%;
RDO optical: 0 to 50mg/L, 0 to 500%

Concentration Resolution 0.01, 0.1
Relative Accuracy Polarographic: ±0.2mg/L; ±2%
RDO optical: ±0.1mg/L up to 8mg/L, ±0.2mg/L up to 20mg/L, 10% of reading beyond; ±2%
Calibration Water-saturated air, air-saturated water, manual (Winkler) and zero point
Conductivity Mode  
Range 0.00 to 3000 mS
Resolution 0.01 uS minimum; 4 significant figures minimum
Relative Accuracy 0.5% reading ±1 digit
Calibration Points up to 5
Inputs BNC, reference pin, two 8-pin mini-DIN, 9-pin mini-DIN, two stirrer ports
Data Management 2000 points with date/time stamp
Output RS-232, USB
Display Colour, graphic LCD; user-customizable display