pH Electrodes

Combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor. Measures pH and temperature with one electrode. Compatible only with Orion pH meters.

ROSS Ultra and ROSS Electrodes
Fastest response, best accuracy and reproducibility. Umatched response to temperature variations. Double junction reference for complex samples such as biological media, foods, pharmaceuticals, TRIS, sulfides and proteins. Available in all body styles.

AquaPro Professional
Low maintenance polymer filled double junction electrode. For use in TRIS, sulfides, proteins and biological media. Has an extended life, fast response and clog resistant open junction. Available in standard, semi-micro, rugged bulb and flat surface body styles. The junction must be kept wet.

Double Junction
Isolated Ag/AgCl reference system which prevents silver from coming in contact with the sample. For measuring TRIS buffer, sulfide and protein samples. Available in standard and micro body styles.

No Cal
Unique reference system that provides quick and accurate measurements. For measuring TRIS buffers sulfide and protein samples. No calibration required and accurate to 0.1 pH without calibration. Ceramic junction in an epoxy body and built-in temperature sensor.

A large variety of electrodes for a wide range of applications. Includes specialty pH electrodes for unique or challenging pH measurements. Available in most body styles. Micro electrodes capable of measuring samples as small as 0.5 μL in containers as small as 384 well plates.

pH electrode housed in a body with a stainless steel blade for measuring meat, cheese and sludge samples.

Economy or Low-Maintenance
Good performance, valued priced, durable and low maintenance gel-filled pH electrodes. Available in standard, semi-micro and flat surface body styles.

The ideal choice for measuring the oxidation reduction potential of samples and performing redox titrations.

ATC Probes
Automatic temperature compensation probes measure sample temperatures and adjust pH measurements by correcting the electrode slope according to the measured temperature.

Sure-Flow Triode Glass Refillable Epoxy Refillable
Micro Glass Semi Micro Epoxy Semi Micro Low Maintenance
Flat Surface Spear Tip Half Cell and Reference Half Cell ATC Probes
Redox ORP and ORP Triode Silver Billet and Karl Fischer Mettler Toldeo Meter