VinoBRETT provides affordable on-site analysis in less than 4 hours and is accurate and sensitive across all stages from harvest to bottling, detecting both active and VBNC Brettanomyces cells.

If Brettanomyces are detected early and at low levels they can be managed using methods such as temperature modulation, higher SO2 or lower pH. Late detection at high levels requires more intrusive methods such as filtering or blending and processes such as sterilization and barrel cleaning.

  • DNA Amplification - Proprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification
  • DNA Identification - Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting Brettanomyces
  • Visualization of Results - Vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation via hand-held cassette
  • Sample Preparation - No enrichment or purification steps required
  • Certification - AOAC International Certified for foodborne pathogen detection

“Early in-house Brett monitoring in wines during and just after fermentations, which was impossible to do before, allows us to effectively mitigate issues and avoid potential problems later in the process.”
Tod Mostero, Winemaker, Dominus Estate

“The test is easy to perform and interpret. Because we can now detect Brett sooner, our winemaker can take corrective actions before sensory impacts arise. We can isolate problem barrels or lots, and manage the impact of Brett. This tool enables us to do a better job of preserving quality.”
Doris Francis, PhD, Laboratory Supervisor, J. Lohr Winery