• Sample to result in under 3 hours
  • Accurate, sensitive and specific to beer spoilers
  • Simple and cost efficient
  • Reliable detection at any stage of brewing
  • Robust assay compatible with all styles of beer
  • Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting beer spoilers
  • Easy interpretation of results
  • No enrichment or purification steps required

“BrewPAL is robust enough to detect Pediococcus and Lactobacillus, even in high bio-mass samples like yeast slurries that may be re-used for multiple generations and brews.“
Mike Guilford, Brewer/QA&QC, Russian River Brewing Co.

“Earlier detection in the brewing process allows for effective remediation steps. BrewPAL can pinpoint problematic bacteria even before high krausen of fermentation is reached.”
Zachary Miller, Quality Lab Technician, Victory Brewing Co.

“We love using BrewPAL to test bright tanks before firing up the canning line so we can avoid wasting valuable time and packaging materials on a product that will never be sold. Turnaround time for results is so quick, we have answers before the beer is carbonated.”
Todd Crowell, Head Brewer, KettleHouse Brewing Co.

“As a definitive quality assurance assay with the high sensitivity you need to ensure your beer is free of spoilage bacteria, BrewPAL is peace of mind against a potential recall situation.”
Chris Reilly, QA/QC Lab Manager, Weyerbacher Brewing Co.

“BrewPAL is great at identifying problem areas at the brewery. It provides clear and rapid evidence of bacterial contamination so we can implement cleaning specifically where we need it most – saving everyone time in the process.”
Franklin Winslow, QA Director, Yards Brewing Co.

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