• Sample to result in under 3 hours
  • Accurate, sensitive and specific to beer spoilers
  • Simple and cost efficient
  • Reliable detection at any stage of brewing
  • Robust assay compatible with all styles of beer
  • Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting beer spoilers
  • Easy interpretation of results
  • No enrichment or purification steps required

“Traditional micro methods for plating Megasphaera and Pectinatuscan take days to weeks, which is impractical for both quality assurance purposes and the quality control of our beer. We have implemented brewMAP into our routine testing protocol in low alcohol/IBU brands alongside brewPAL to ensure our beer is free of these serious beer spoilers before it leaves the brewery.”
Drew Russey, PhD, Laboratory Manager, Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Webinar Easing the Process of Setting up your Microbiology Quality Program feauring Quality Managers from Russian River Brewing and Devils Backbone Brewing.


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