BrewDEK is accurate and sensitive to the spectrum of wild yeast species that naturally occur in the brewing environment. The system features a small thermocycler, pre-aliquoted PCR reagent tubes and proprietary buffers. Results are obtained in less than 4 hours via hand-held disposable cassettes.

  • DNA Amplification - Proprietary reagents eliminate need for sample purification
  • DNA Identification - Proprietary DNA signature detection specifically targeting beer spoilers
  • Visualization of Results - Proprietary vertical flow mediated visualization of results for easy interpretation
  • Sample Preparation - No enrichment or purification steps required

“We use Invisible Sentinel’s tests in our yeast management system as a critical process control point. Since we have wild and sour beers on site, along with multiple yeast strains, the speed of the assay allows us to quickly and efficiently monitor our production flow so we can detect any potential cross-contamination as early as possible.”
Eli Kolodny, QA/QC Manager, Odell Brewing Company

Webinar Easing the Process of Setting up your Microbiology Quality Program feauring Quality Managers from Russian River Brewing and Devils Backbone Brewing.


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