LactoScope Filter
The menus of the LactoScope Filter will be activated by means of the soft touch keys beneath the menu bar, the numeric keypad, the Enter and the Scroll keys. From the Main menu, appearing after start-up, the following options can be chosen:

These options will be used frequently as they are needed in normal routine operation. Set Up and then Select Product will be used to select a product calibration. Choosing Set Up in this new menu will give access to other menu’s for pump adjustments and data print outs.

Prior to analysis, the sample temperature must be stated at 40°C (± 2°C). The samples should not stay for more than 20 minutes at 40°C, because deterioration will start at this point, usually indicated by the fat separating from the sample. Be sure of the sample condition before offering it to the LactoScope.

1/ Switch on the printer and make sure it is On-Line.

2/ Select the correct product: Select key 4 Set Up, select key 1 Select Product, the required product can be selected, using the cursor keys, until the right name is stated behind the colon, then select Enter. Select eventually key 4 Back to return to the Main menu.

3/ In order to mix the sample, turn the well closed container a number of times 180° lengthwise without shaking, to prevent enclosure of air and foam forming.

4/ At this stage the Analyse sequence can be activated by pressing the matching number in the Main menu.

5/ Analyze each sample twice; it is advisable to measure the first sample after water three times, the first result should be ignored. The difference between the second and the first measurement after water should not exceed over 1% relatively, concerning each component. Perform the analysis in a quick and efficient way without any delay.

6/ Terminate every analysis session with a Clean performance, using water.

Note: Sample material should never be left in the instrument for long periods of time. The temperature in combination with the sample material will damage the cell and is beyond any repair.