LactoScope Filter
Cleaning Solutions


Water Solutions for Auto-zero/Auto-wash
0.1% Triton-X 100/Water solution Dissolve 5ml Triton-X in approximately 200ml of demineralised water, by heating. Make up to 5 litres with demineralised water.

Soap Solutions for Auto-Clean
4% Decon/Water solution. 200ml of Decon 90 made up to 5 litres with distilled/demineralised water.

Weekly Cleaning Solution
10% Decon/Water solution (warmed to about 40oC). 100ml of Decon 90 made up to 1 litre with distilled/demineralised water.


Weekly Cleaning Procedure
If analysing high fat products this procedure should be carried out daily.

1/ Put the Auto clean system into manual operation by switching the Auto Clean to Off.

2/ Place a pre-warmed 10% Decon/Water solution under the sample pipette and press the 1 Clean button, this activates a detergent clean cycle.

3/ Follow up with two more detergent clean cycles.

4/ Wait for 5 minutes then place a container of water under the sample pipette and perform three water clean cycles.

5/ This removes all traces of soap solution from the tubing’s.

6/ Switch the Auto Clean back to the On position.

Note: Decon solutions should never be left in the instrument for long periods of time as the aggressive nature of this material can damage rubber O-rings, seals and the optical cell.

Triton X-100
Delta Instruments and QCL strongly recommend using Triton X-100 at a 0.1% concentration in the Zero water.
Addition of Triton X-100 aids the flow of liquid through the LactoScope, enhancing the stability of zero measurements and reducing the instances of air locks.
This applies to all current and previous LactoScopes, both Filter and FTIR.
Triton X-100 is not readily soluble at room temperature; care must be taken in the preparation of the solution.

To prepare a solution:
1/ Warm the Triton X-100 in a water bath at 30-40oC.

2/ Take 5ml warm Triton X-100 and add to 500ml distilled water on a stirrer hotplate.

3/ Stir continuously for 5-10 minutes or until all Triton X-100 is dissolved.

4/ Make up to 5,000ml and the solution is ready to use.

It is possible to produce ‘stock’ solutions of 10% Triton X-100 which will store for a number of weeks. 10% solutions readily dissolve at room temperature and can be diluted to 0.1% when required.
Neat Triton X-100 is available in 500ml or 2.5L sizes. 500ml of a 10% stock solution is also available from most laboratory supplies companies. If you have difficulty in sourcing it can also be obtained from QCL.