Fluorophos ALP
Fluorophos ALP Pipetting Guide

Using the 75ul Pipette
1/ Depress the plunger fully.

2/ Immerse the pipette tip about 6-7mm into the liquid.

3/ Release the plunger smoothly and gently.

4/ Remove the pipette tip from the liquid and wipe the outside but do not wick out any fluid from the inside. Check no air bubbles are present.

5/ Immerse the pipette tip about 6-7mm into the liquid in the Fluorophos cuvette and depress the pipette plunger fully several times.

6/ Depress the plunger fully once more and, while depressed, remove the pipette from the cuvette.

7/ Vortex mix for 2 seconds to ensure complete mixing of the sample with substrate.

8/ Insert into cuvette well.

9/ Start the test.

10/ Put the pipette tip in some distilled water and depress the plunger several times. Then dry the outside of the pipette and the plunger tip while the plunger is depressed.

11/ The pipette tip should be replaced weekly or more often if necessary.

Caution: Some SOPs require a 25µl sample volume. In this case the printed result must be multiplied by 3 to account for the 3 times dilution of the sample.

Calibrating the 75ul Pipette
Pipette Plunger Tip
1/ The plunger should to be proud of tip when depressed.
2/ Loosen knurled nut (A).
3/ Screw pipette tip (B) in or out and lock with (A).

75µl Volume Adjustment
1/ Use the calibration gauge and key (C) to check movement of plunger.
2/ To adjust loosen screw (D) and push plunger tip to end of gauge (C) then re-tighten Screw (D).

If pipettes are used to dispense substrate ensure they are sterile otherwise the substrate will degrade rapidly.

The tips supplied with the pipette are stated by the manufacturer to be chemically resistant to most substrates except chlorinated hydrocarbons. If the pipette piston (plunger tip) becomes worn or otherwise unusable and a replacement piston is available, please follow the replacement instructions supplied with the pipette. Always re-calibrate the pipette after replacing the piston or other internal parts, referring to the calibration instructions supplied with he pipette. To eliminate possible sample-to-sample contamination between pipetting sessions remove and replace the pipette tip after each sample.