Fluorophos ALP
Fluorophos ALP Daily Control Tests

Daily Instrument Control - FLA280
1/ Dispense 2ml of the Daily Instrument Control (FLA280) into a clean cuvette.

2/ Place cuvettes in the heater block for 10 minutes.

3/ Press ‘SETUP’. Then select the menu item ‘A/D TEST’.

4/ With the sample chamber empty press ‘START’.

5/ When settled the reading should be 302 +/- 4. If the reading is greater than 306 examine the cuvette chamber and filters for spillages and clean if required (see left). If it can not be brought down by cleaning contact a service engineer. Do not adjust the potentiometer screw on the side of the instrument during this step.

6/ With the Fluorophos in the same mode insert the warmed Daily Instrument Control cuvette into the sample chamber.

7/ When settled the reading should be 602 +/- 12.

8/ Record the value.

9/ If this value is out of range then slowly adjust the potentiometer screw on the side of the instrument to 602 +/- 12.

10/ Press ‘STOP’ twice to exit the ‘A/D TEST’ mode.

Daily Substrate Check
1/ With the instrument in the A/D Test mode, place 2mL of heated substrate in the cuvette well, the reading should be <1200.

2/ A reading >1200 indicates that the substrate is contaminated and should be discarded.

Daily Positive Control
1/ Add 0.1ml of raw milk to 100ml of pasteurized milk and mix.

2/ Test as normal on the channel appropriate to the pasteurized milk.

3/ The result should be approximately 500mU/l but will vary greatly depending on variations in the raw milk.